MP Curtet

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MP Curtet is a husband and wife, photography and director team based in Los Angeles. Marlyne and Patrick work in a symbiotic relationship and their combined talents add a unique depth and quality to their images. The emotive resonance of their partnership allows them to excel as storymakers with a cinematographic vision. 

Patrick Curtet’s career has spanned more than thirty years and seventy-six different countries. For a time he concentrated on sports and reportage photography, before becoming best known for automotive and lifestyle work. Patrik's focus on proper technique, expertise in controlling lighting, and effects lend his worth an acute cinematographic quality. Further, he often utilizes unexpected lighting or surprising framing choices. Patrik's talent as a picture maker is complimented by his directorial skill. He strives to imbue his work with a poignant storyline; directing scenes and actors.

Marlyne graduated from Peninghen Art School in Paris where she studied art and graphic design. She has her own graphic design studio, L.A. Creative Team, and has worked as an Art Director. Her graphic vision has played a crucial part in elevating the duo’s work to where it is today. Additionally, she also operates as the creative coordinator, ensuring the styling, wardrobe, set design — every imaginable element of the scene — remains in line with their collective creative vision. Marlyne also serves as second photographer.

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