Michael Heinsen

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Since over 15 years Michael is a photographer in Hamburg and an established figure in this media hub at the river Elbe. Besides his Studio in Hamburg he owns offices in Berlin and Mallorca.

At the centre of Michael’s photography stands the human being, multifaceted and mysterious. The human being and its facets and mystery stand at the centre of Michael’s photography. Whether he is faced with emotionality, strong physical presence, fragility or a unique aura and atmosphere, Michael Heinsen always succeeds in capturing those fine nuances that make a photo or film sequence special and simply different.

Michael’s meticulous way of working aims to give creative impulses to initiate those rare moments, in which extraordinary pictures are born. Be it in a complex photo production or a hectic film shoot he never fails to create these unique situations, thanks to his intuition, his ability to connect easily with the people he meets and his experience as a photographer.

A growing number of national and international creative agency and companies trust in Michael’s imagery and cinematic language, as it makes their campaigns, distinguishable, outstanding and unique.

Michael’s work has received several national and international awards and has been displayed in numerous exhibitions. Moreover the Lürzer’s Archiv highly regards his creative input and declared him to be one of the 200 best commercial photographers worldwide

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