• He & Me


    Two lenses see more than one.

    That’s why Yona Heckl and Tom Mennemann are a team: they can produce photographs more efficiently from different perspectives and with excellent quality. Of course, to do so they have to match perfectly. Before joining forces, He&Me worked as an assistant team, exploring their own styles until officially joining together in 2011 to work as He & Me (drawn from their last names: HEckl & MEnnemann).

    So this is He: Yona Heckl from Heidelberg, Germany, born in 1977. After successfully finishing photography school in Stuttgart and Munich, he worked as an assistant for several internationally acclaimed and respected photographers from around the world, until founding the company with Tom.

    And Me: Tom Mennemann from Hagen, born in 1976, same country as He, with the same education, while a different school in Stuttgart.

    These days their haven is Hamburg where they both live with their wives and each of their two children. From that base they conquer the world in pictures: Germany, Europe, the US, South Africa, Asia and wherever else their cameras lead them.

    A combination of the right feel for composition, technical knowledge (that Germans are rightly famous for), and the creativity to explore innovative techniques, assured them a firm spot in the world of car photography. They capture the beauty of industrial design in its everyday environment, shaping extraordinary situations that lure the viewer to linger. Their expertise extends through the arena of automobiles, into fashion and lifestyle bringing their extra touch of excellence that leads them to new challenges reinventing He & Me over and over again.

    Yona and Tom do not see this special spirit only between them, but also in their assistants, art directors, producers, post-producers, models, stylists, and clients. They believe that a solid team leads to perfect results, and their continued success has proven them right. This bottled magic has attracted prizes for their work like the ADC Germany Award, the Cannes Lion, the ADC Global Award and the New York Festival Award.

    But most importantly, their satisfied clients are the proof of their work’s excellence.

    Audi, Audi Magazin, Alpina, BMW, BMW Magazin, Scion USA, Smart, MercedesBenz, Ramp Magazin, Lexus USA, Bose, Transitions Optical, Volkswagen USA,Volkswagen Russia,, Volkswagen China, Volkswagen Germany, Seat, Skoda,Honda, Süddeutsche Zeitung, MiniAgencies:Philipp und Keuntje Hamburg, JvM Hamburg, LLR Hamburg, Grabarz & PartnerHamburg, DDB Hamburg, MAB Berlin, DDB Berlin, DDB Moskau, Deutsch LosAngeles, Huge New York, Team One Los Angeles, Bose Boston, Lola Barcelona,Atletico International Barcelona, BBDO Berlin, Shanghai Berlin / ausBerlin, DDB Beijing , Heye München, Serviceplan Hamburg, Hillert & Co.München, Scholz & Friends Hamburg, Scholz & Friends Berlin, Leagas DelaneyPrag, Leagas Delaney Hamburg, Arnold Worldwide New York, Loved Hamburg

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