Tyler Twins

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The Tyler Twins, a photographic duo comprised of sisters Katherine and Mariel, have an undeniable energy that is readily apparent in both conversations and their work. Originally from Cleveland, they moved to New York with aspirations of becoming photographers. 

Mariel landed her first gig, as a studio assistant, when she ran into photographer Raymond Meier at the grocery store. She recognized him from a shoot while she was an intern at Teen Vogue in college. After working with Raymond she began freelancing at Getty, the NBA, and Sports Illustrated before taking a position at elle.com as a Senior Photo Editor.  

At the same time Katherine started at iHeartRadio, where she rose through the ranks and became the National Photo Director. Although her first role was not focused on shooting, she was frequently exposed to famous faces. As her responsibilities expanded she began managing all event coverage and shooting celebrity portraits for iHeartradio, occasionally pulling in Mariel to work on events and shoots with her. The first major gig the Twins worked on together was photographing portraits for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Induction Ceremony, in their hometown of Cleveland. 

The Twin’s process as a team is deeply intertwined, one sister making sure talent feels at ease while the other is behind the lens and vice versa. Their resourcefulness and innate ability to tap into the ethos of each subject results in unique and memorable portraiture. The sisters always bring empathy to their work and want to make sure the subjects personality is represented. They’ve had the pleasure of photographing the likes of Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, and many others. Even when shooting non-celebrity work the Twins make sure each image feels unique, vibrant, and fresh.

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