Thomas Brown

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Thomas thinks beyond the old modes and boundaries of creativity. At the heart of his practice he is a still-life photographer. Working with Brands that innovate and embrace all the tools that are available - Photo, Motion, CGI & Ai.

Thomas has collaborated with some of the most talented art directors, stylists and creators for the world's most recognised brands, including - Amazon, Apple, Cartier, Calvin Klein, IKEA, Johnnie Walker and Nike.

The New York Times, Fast Co., PDN, BJP, Frame and Another have all ran features about his work and he has received Creative Review's 'Best in Book'. Tom has a passion for organic textures, refined colour palettes, practical FX and above all a harmonic visual flow. He responds to what moves him, makes him laugh and gives that little side eye smirk for the audience.

He has a resting pensive face. It's nothing personal.

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