Michael Hanisch

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Michael is a multi-disciplinary photographer specialized in automotive, lifestyle and landscape photography. He studied Photography Design in Berlin and started his career as an assistant to several leading photographers in Germany and England.
Back in the days when Polaroids and large format photography were not considered relics, he specialized in the technical aspects of analog photography, its preciseness and the workflows that it demands. Shooting from sunrise to sunset became routine for Michael, as did his obsession for good light and extraordinary situations. Later, Michael became passionate about the impact of light and color.  He found himself using all kind of cameras, lenses, films and techniques to photograph different subject matter. Following his work as a post production artist, Michael became proficient in computer generated imagery (CGI) and its associated skillset. His work now represents what he is most passionate about: exploring the boundaries of human interaction, the aesthetics of brands and the point of it all. Michael loves experimentation.  His keen eye, and urge to solve problems, drive him every day as a photographer. He works enthusiastically in teams towards a common goal where everyone contributes their own unique ingredients.
Beyond that, you will find Michael in his garden repairing a boat, painting the little cottage in Falun Red or playing with his kids somewhere outside. Wherever you find him, he will always be passionate in what he is doing, no matter what it is.

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