Robert Elmengård

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Robert’s passion for landscape photography began when he moved to California. As a freelance photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, he refined his craft by capturing the natural beauty of the landscapes around him. That same passion is evident in his photography today, characterized by a focus on natural lighting, thought-out compositions, big scenes, and attention to detail. Robert lives in Sweden with wife and young son, where he enjoys endurance sports and physical adventures in the outdoors. His personal interest in pursuing an active lifestyle and traveling the globe often inform his photography assignments, especially when relating to sports, travel, and the outdoors.

He has had the opportunity to work with the following clients: Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, SKF, Husqvarna, Ford, Renault, Polestar, Penta, SEB, Blåkläder, Craft Sportswear, Tenson, Henri Lloyd and Reebok. 

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