• 10.9.18 Jason Madara and ABC Carpet + Home Invite You Out

    Joshua Tree National Park is an expansive otherworldly space outside of Palm Springs, east of Los Angeles, California. You’ve probably seen pictures, but there’s nothing quite like being there. “It’s a mysterious terrain and everything about it is so surreal, you really feel like you’re somewhere else,” explains Jason Madara, who shot his latest campaign for ABC Carpet + Home (his sixth) in the unique location. It’s true that there’s nothing quite like Joshua Tree, but there’s also nothing quite like getting there. “When you go to Joshua Tree you go to this place called Twenty-Nine Palms, which is literally like out of a David Lynch movie. It’s weird, but it’s cool. You’re only an hour from Palm Springs: great hotels, flashback to the 50s and 60s, great restaurants. And then you’re in Twenty-Nine Palms which you feel like you’re in a weird, bizarre, alternate universe. And then you go to Joshua Tree.” The desert is filled with Yucca palms, also known as Joshua Trees, recognizable for their unique look and even stranger taxonomy. It was on this backdrop that Jason wanted to create the newest campaign, one that is markedly different from the previous five. This latest campaign has a much deeper sense of space. “I feel like after we did the caves (last year), I was like, how do you outdo the caves?,” Jason says. “I love landscapes, I love product design, I love nature. This was everything. This is a portrait of an environment more than anything else. There’s always that balance of the rug and the tree and the nature of the lighting… There are always those elements that we use in everything we do.” By bringing nature into the campaign in a new way, the balance of those elements became ever more complex. But each of those complexities offers new depth. It would be impossible for Jason to light the entire sets like he did in all the previous campaigns. These scenes stretch out for thousands of feet and feature mountains in the distance. Instead, for the first time, Jason harnessed the light of the setting sun and the vibration of the moonlight – in addition to carefully, and conservatively placed lights. Ultimately, that’s what sets this campaign apart from the rest. “There was a delicate balance between the ambient light, the sunset, the clouds, the moonlight,” Jason explains. “We had to combine all these elements and I knew right away that the only way they were going to work is if the sky shots had clouds. Everything had to have some side of clouds and texture and the feeling that you could touch it. Everything had to have a tactile texture to it.” Jason has created these campaigns for ABC Carpet + Home for years, and they’re literally about selling rugs. But more, they’re about showing space. A home is a place of comfort, an enclosed private space that we shape and mold into our own self-contained worlds. But in this latest campaign, Jason takes that fantastical idea of “home” and opens it up. Walls are replaced by mountains, tangible clouds and arcing star trails become a ceiling. Instead of inviting us in, Jason and ABC Carpet + Home are now inviting us out, showing us what it’s like if we make the whole world our home.
  • 9.28.18 Jess Rotter Illustrates Parker Posey's Truth

    Parker Posey is a unique brand of celebrity. Her humor percolates like a pinball from anecdotes to painting uncommon moods and knocking her audiences off balance in the most charming ways. When it came time to deliver her own personal story through her memoir, the approach was unconventional and she presented it unconventionally: it’s an invitation to spend time with her more than anything else. ‘You’re on an Airplane’ enfolds you in Posey’s stories in ways only she could tell them, and she collaborated with illustrator Jess Rotter to bring us even deeper into that experience. The results are far more than a traditional collection of illustrations. Jess’ work is always injected with a sense of whimsy and nostalgic authenticity that she shares with Posey’s work, so the collaboration is seamless. Illustrations meet photographs (both new and vintage), brought together with type and composition that feels as contemporaneously hilarious as it does like a moment out of a bygone era. “The illustrations were a whimsical collage collaboration with Parker directly as an homage to zines and books of the past evoking spirit over modern slickness,” Jess explained. “Super grateful to be a part of this awesome project.” The imagery is playful, but there is a rich solemnity to it: it reminds us that we’re reading a memoir. When we tell our own stories, we tell them from our own vision, through the glass of experience. Our experiences are what bring a color to what we remember and what we tell. Jess’ creative interpretations of Posey’s tangible histories elevate the truth into memory, bringing us into the often foggy experience of reliving and retelling our histories. In some ways, the results are more truthful to the experience of Posey as she and Jess were able to create representations that feel the most true even if they’re not entirely real. The book is full of these collaborative collages and although we’re sharing a number of them here, the only way to get the true experience is to pick up a copy for yourself.
  • 9.27.18 David McLeod Helps Reinvigorate BBC2 with Eclectic Stimulation

    Every television network is a curated collection of experiences. They each have their own identity crafted by their programming and catered towards an audience that’s always growing and changing. They must stay dynamic and it’s ultimately a collaboration between their staff and their viewers, but it always comes down to the core message of what a network is trying to do. At BBC Two, they’re in the midst of a reinvigoration to be the home of the newest and edgiest programming, and as a part of that they’re presenting themselves through a series of creative and progressive Idents (the short spots between programs that remind you what network you’re watching). They asked David McLeod to create two of these Idents to help spread the message of their identity. “The new channel branding reflects this constantly eclectic and stimulating mix of programming and I am so excited to see it help define this next stage of the channel’s evolution,” explains Patrick Holland, Controller of BBC Two. Each of the 16 Idents, that include work by other artists like Futuredeluxe, The Mill, Aardman, and Mainframe, play with the unique curvature of the numeral 2 in ways that are exciting and seductive. David’s two pieces use similar textures but tell two different stories. One uses a combination of amorphous three-dimensional shapes whose color combinations form the curvature of the numeral, and then bounce and move, cycling through different hues, until they reform back again. In the second Ident, David created forms as if fireworks and fungus came together into a single construct, rippling and exploding in waves of color. Each unique execution vibrates and moves, peaks and settles, in its own special tempo to shape the viewer’s experience of how to understand BBC Two’s identity. “This project is one of those gift briefs that not only allow for the best art and design minds in the country to come together - but also has an immediate effect on popular culture with millions of eyes seeing it every day,” explains Laurent Simone, Executive Creative Director of BBC Creative. “Only the BBC offers such a large public platform for creative expression and exposure.” We’re honored to have David McLeod’s work as a part of this project.
  • 9.24.18 Paola + Murray Get Stuffed in Houston for GQ

    325 million people live in America, and that number represents just as many palates, preferences, and food cultures. There are thousands of communities ready to display their unique takes on new and classic menus, and while some are part of an expected roster there are surprising additions all the time. This month GQ highlighted the food scene in Houston Texas and asked Paola + Murray to document their own time through the Space City. “Murray and I loved shooting the Houston story for GQ,” says Paola Ambrosi De Magistris, who makes up the photography duo with her husband Murray Hall. “It was our first time in the hot and sticky city and we were not expecting to find such an interesting mix of people, foods, architecture, art, and culture.” Houston is a massive city built by a confluence of cultures that each offer fantastical flavors and a roster of special personalities. “We met a few different characters but our favorite was definitely the Bookity Bookity Boudain Man,” explains Paola. “We had to hunt him down on our first night in Houston. You will usually find him in the Walmart parking lot in the outskirts of the city but only on certain nights and the only way to find him is via his Facebook page that is not always up to date. We could not find him right away and had to drive to two different parking lots in different spots if the city… He was the nicest guy, one that did not have an easy life but he loves to share his passion for making boudains and making people happy. It was really late when we found him and we had eaten so much already but we could not say no to the ‘boudain man.’” Their hunger and curiosity were sated by the exploration and experience that ended with a great meal, a meal you could only find if you looked hard enough and cared more about the experience of your taste buds than eating off freshly pressed linens. Every food scene is different, and no one knows that better than Paola + Murray who have followed their tummies and camera lenses the world over. They know something about what makes local food great. “Quirkiness, big hearts, and open arms were a common denominator of most of the people we met in Huston,” Paola says. “This GQ assignment was honestly so much fun and so different from the many other travel assignments we have been on, mainly because of the people we encountered and the diversity in the food we tasted and photographed.” If the photos whet your appetite, at least now you know where to get your next meal.
  • 9.21.18 Yuko Shimizu Gives Face to SK-II's Regional Exclusives

    Japan is known the world over for cutting edge skincare, earning global fans for dozens of brands that offer their own varieties of scrubs and serums, masks and toners. All of those products find themselves wrapped up in trends that aren’t only based on what’s available but also what the communities are using. For SK-II, a Japanese brand that caters to consumers all over the world, those trends come and go, but they’re always aware of their customers. SK-II recently invited Yuko Shimizu to create a bevy of unique boxes for specific markets, and Yuko created a collection of different pieces that plays on the cultures, aesthetics, and habits of those different markets.  SK-II is based in Japan, but their products are distributed everywhere, especially in Asia. So, Yuko created six different illustrations that were affixed to packaging that made its way to Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Japan. She filled each image with cultural references specific to the exclusive release locations. The China image features a Chinese woman covered in hibiscus flowers in front of Shanghai’s skyline, while the Japanese image finds a woman weaving through bamboo in front of a sea referencing Hokusai’s famous block print under a red rising sun. Every image features Yuko’s signature sense of humor, her loyalty to detail, and astounding creativity. The process was far more expansive than what we get to see in the final compositions, and if you’re curious to see more head over to her blog for some added insight.  The boxes were made available exclusively in the markets described at the local airports and catered towards women who partake in the Art of Travel. Plus they were limited edition, so if don’t have a box already: you’ve probably already missed out.
  • 9.20.18 Taylor Rainbolt Vibes with Migos and Finish Line

    It’s not every day that Migos opens a car wash, but in a recent campaign with Taylor Rainbolt for Finish Line, they did just that. Taylor met up with the hip hop trio to pop off on the whips, for the latest in the ongoing Shoes So Fresh campaign. Taylor captured a series of images that highlight Migos’ favorite products from Finish Line’s current selection. “We’re trying to create the vibe that it’s a party all the time, so it’s a lot of loud music, a lot of talking to talent and getting them excited and recreating almost an 80s party scene with the lighting and everything,” Taylor explains. “[Migos is] like actors in a sense where they just want the product to be amazing and do the take over and over again until they felt like it was right, so that was really great, it was a really great collaborative.” Riverdale actress Vanessa Morgan was also in attendance for when the party moved out to the pool.  You’ll notice a lot of the images are from different mediums, including digital and Polaroid, and that’s something that Taylor really enjoyed. “It was really cool because [Finish Line was] really adamant about me using film and stuff like that so I got to mix digital with film and play around with it,” Taylor says. “People like having tangible things and being able to process really fast. So, I’m getting what they are actually giving me. The mood is more authentic and we’re taking our time because I only have so many Polaroids in my camera.” With each moment being precious, a ton of care was brought into the creation of every image. The results are calibrated and carefully constructed in such a way that feels effortless. And when you’re partying with Migos and Finish Line that’s exactly what you want.
  • 9.18.18 Ryan McAmis, The Economist, and the Face of the 21st Century

    The Digital Age has done more than merely change how we interact with one another socially, it’s also reshaped the entire economy. With these new relationships have come new jobs, and some of those jobs are super niche. Emoji Designers, playlist curators, international tutors, all these specialized jobs (and hundreds more) are only possible thanks to our online culture. And some of them are a little hard to explain. The Economist recently started a series on the 21st-Century jobs and asked Ryan McAmis to help bring them to life. Each article describing the stories behind these particular careers is preceded with a 3D mixed media collage from Ryan that offers a characterization of the worker and their unique career. Because Ryan uses a bevy of different materials, each creation is filled with different textures and colors, as well as surprising depth and emotion. Because of the sophisticated simplicity of the compositions, Ryan has to be careful about the choices he makes, and that affords him the opportunity to experiment a little bit. In the latest piece about the Emoji Designer, Ryan saw the chance to include a special light feature for the first time ever. He used a dollhouse light to give the designer’s phone a familiar glow. “I don’t know why, it just kind of pops into my head and it just works,” says Ryan. “And then after I photographed it, I tweaked it in Photoshop to make it look even better.” Part of the fun of these pieces is introducing whole new careers to an audience that’s generally of the traditional capitalism and commerce model. Ryan similarly doesn’t run into these unique careers frequently, so he’s finding it to be an educational experience himself. By approaching it this way, he’s become the ideal voice to introduce The Economist’s readers to this newer edge of the economy. “I’m terrible with technology so the one I’m doing today I had to do a lot of research on so I’m learning a lot,” explains Ryan. “I’m trying to explain it to people that don’t know either.” All of us, whether we’re creating brand new jobs for ourselves or watching them form from the outside, are better served by actively pursuing a greater understanding of the new economic landscape. Thanks to Ryan and The Economist we can learn a little more every day.
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  • Exploring new dimensions with @lovegrace_e and @tiffanyleighpatton for @crfashionbook.⠀
Photographs by @pufff_mommy⠀
Styled by @ronnie_hart ⠀
Hair @declansheilshair⠀
Casting @evelienjoos⠀
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Styled by @ronnie_hart ⠀
Hair @declansheilshair⠀
Casting @evelienjoos⠀
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Info about Andrew’s upcoming Masterclass with @beauty_worksonline is now live! Check out their profile to sign up.⠀
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Info about Andrew’s upcoming Masterclass with @beauty_worksonline is now live! Check out their profile to sign up.
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