• 2.17.19 Hugh Stewart Reunites With The Real Deal

    Celeste Barber is no stranger to being in front of a camera. The Australian comedian and actress has made a name for herself through her recreations of famous or viral photoshoots of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities and models. Her re-productions appear next to and offer a striking contrast to the original shot, featuring her own creative details and DIY touches. Some of her more memorable posts include a parody of Beyonce calmly falling into a pool with grace where Celeste appears to be very concerned about hitting the water and Lara Stone appearing topless behind two glasses of wine, which Celeste recreates with a bottle of orange juice and a container of pancake mix. In fact, Celeste Barber is no stranger to being behind Photographer Hugh Stewart’s camera. Hugh and Celeste first came to work together on set of the Vogue photoshoot for Celeste’s feature in the September issue. In in their latest collaboration for the InStyle Australia March cover story, Hugh Stewart was reunited with Instagram influencer Celeste Barber as photographer and director. “We spent the day in a secret and glamorous location (near Woy Woy) taking photographs (captures), talking shit and making a film, “ shared Hugh in the caption of the alternative cover image he shared on his Instagram of the shoot, “She obligingly bought along her family and was kind of amenable to being towed behind a truck on a skateboard. Tom Ford is fortunate indeed to have friends like this. The way she stood aside from being the face of his next campaign and from staring in his next movie spoke volumes about her unpretentiousness and compassion towards supermodels and actors. Allowing them opportunities otherwise not afforded them. She will undoubtedly, at some point be nominated for a Nobel and possibly, for her novel, a Booker.” Hugh isn’t the only one in awe of the now celebrity. The first few stills posted by Celeste from the shoot were flooded with comments of praise and support, from actress Gwyneth Paltrow to celebrity stylist Brad Goreski. The two reunited for the momentous occasion - the cover story of Celeste’s favorite magazine, but they ended up working on much more than just that. Hugh stepped into a directorial role for the production of the original short film produced by InStyle, Summer of Celeste, that gives a more behind the scenes look into the full body of work with the Instagram Queen. The result of the shoot was a glamorous series of images similar to what Celeste’s fans are used to seeing on her profile, elevated with the professional sophistication of Hugh’s expertise on a real cover shoot - and the poise of the real cover star. Hugh Stewart is represented exclusively through our Sydney office. Credits:Creative Director: Amber Mackay Fashion Director: Katherine GreenTalent: Celeste BarberHair: Brad Mullins @ Viviens Creative Make up: Filomena Natoli @ Viviens Creative DOP/Editor: Jordan Watton 
  • 2.15.19 Jeff Soto's Game of Thrones

    Great television shows spark cultural conversations and relevance that create lasting impacts in our society from The Sopranos to the now cultural phenomenon, Game of Thrones. To celebrate the show’s final season, artist Jeff Soto was among the eighteen talented artists chosen by HBO and given the task of interpreting one of the official show props. Given his experience painting on different canvases, Jeff was excited to elevate his work with the personal passion he felt for the project. “I've painted on shoes, cars, bottles, and all sorts of things, but this one was very special because I am a big Game of Thrones fan!” explained Jeff,  “I’ve watched the series twice, and, in fact, my whole family watches it. My brother has read all the books!” Each piece holds its own significant relevance to the show’s history and plot, so it was important for the artists to understand and maintain that integrity in their re-creations. “I am a painter, so I didn’t want to physically transform the prop so much as breathe new light into the existing shapes using color. I used acrylic spray paint and brush paints. I focused on rich, saturated colors that were the opposite of dusty old bones.” After Jeff spent time considering the brief and working out the concept for the dragon skull, the entire process took about a week to complete. The artist started by spray painting the entire skull to give the piece an underpainting base before working on the detail.  He completed the painting in stages to allow time to let the piece dry while carefully following the shapes and forms of the skull. In Jeff’s version, his signature use of color shines a striking contrast to the original. Each of the eighteen pieces were unveiled this week, in celebration of the building anticipation for the upcoming final season. Viewers of the show and fans of the art are encouraged to create their own depictions of the props using the hashtag #ForTheThrone for a chance to be featured in the campaign. The project comes highly recommended. “Painting on a dimensional object can be a bit of a challenge” explains Jeff, “but overall, it was a really fun experience working on this piece.”
  • 2.7.19 The Selby Says Yes to Starbucks Mornings

    Waking up isn’t easy. Saying yes to getting out of bed does not always come naturally. In his latest project with Starbucks, artist The Selby had the opportunity to follow three city dwellers who always say yes at the start of their mornings.  For Selby, the collaboration was a perfect match. “My whole interest is about interesting creative people and their spaces and getting to know their lives,” he explained about why he found the project so fulfilling, “I really love photography and film making and illustration and so when I was approached about this Starbucks project, I was super jazzed. It’s always a dream to get hit up about a job that fits so closely to your interests.” As director, photographer and illustrator of the project, Selby was able to fully immerse himself in the creative process. The concept for the project grew into conversations with each of the creatives they shadowed, which ultimately led to the final ideation process. Selby was involved every step of the way. He added the final touches to each image or motion piece with his illustrations. “Eighty percent of projects at this point for me are mixed in terms of film and photography, photography and illustration, or illustration and film; which is really fun.” Selby is always wearing many hats on a single project, “Integrated film and photography is definitely what I’m doing most of the time,” he noted. The entire project took 3 days to shoot. In three mornings, he got to know the New Yorkers, their lives, and their morning routines. Working on the campaign was intensive but rewarding, as Selby was able to create a connection to each of the individuals. “What’s great about this project to me is that the talent and the people are so inspirational. Jaamal works for a nonprofit and gives sneakers to kids in his community, and he walks his sisters to school everyday. Amber has her whole concept around yoga and broadening its appeal and she has a unique sensibility. Haley is a very special person in the world of fashion design - she’s really embracing all kinds of different people and sizes and color and body positivity. Love of color and pattern is definitely something that I’m really into; we definitely connected on our aesthetics.” Through this organic connection and process, Selby was able to bring to life the most special and intimate moments in their mornings.
  • 1.22.19 Liz Von Hoene Takes Us Wear The Wild Things R

    Personal artistic endeavors allow creatives to express their uninhibited imagination. Photographer Liz Von Hoene recently had the opportunity to come together with multiple like-minded artists, Creative Director Amy Osburn, Sculpture artist Mimi Haddon, among others, to execute a shared vision in what they refer to as a “hashtag passion project”. “We connected on a creative platform of liking the same things, inspiration and liking each other’s work. We had been talking about doing a creative project where I could shoot something for her,” said Liz on working with her personal friend. “Late summer/early fall we started collaborating and bouncing ideas back and forth. Amy came to the table with different concepts, and she really wanted to work with this sculpture artist, Mimi Haddon, who sounded very inspiring. She wanted to do an abstract portrait story in a more urban environment and loved the sculptures for that idea. I pulled up Mimi’s Instagram which started the conversation and it grew from there.” The result was a pleasant surprise for the group, but admittedly wasn’t entirely unexpected. “Once we had a plan and an idea of where we wanted to start, we left room for the passion,” stated Liz. “You need to leave that door open and let the element of surprise happen so you’re led to something you wouldn’t normally do.” Amy agreed, “There is definitely always a road map but the road map is there to allow room for play.” Allowing room for the creative aspect to occur in an organic way was key in their planning process. “When you’re embarking on a creative endeavor, when it's a collaboration, everyone needs a voice. This project was one of those rare moments when it all sort of comes together and all the artists feel the same way,” said Amy on the collection of talent. Their project, Wear The Wild R, sets an eerie stage of an urban world filled with vivid neons and different shapes that allow the model, wardrobe and sculpture to intertwine to become one. The artists used different natural elements, shape, light and shadow to elevate their work and create a playground to celebrate their vision. Amy went on to stay, “For me the biggest components that brought the shoot to life were the sculptures and the styling. All of the elements were able to work in tandem - it doesn't always happen that way - for a beautiful piece.”
  • 1.18.19 Joshua Davis Disrupts the Norm

    Magazine covers serve as a representation of all of the creative and journalistic work within. In his latest project for Computer Arts Magazine, Joshua Davis set the stage for their newest issue. Unlike traditional editorial covers that are shot by photographers or designed by illustrators, Josh focused his expression into writing a computer program to create the artwork. Joshua’s computer-generated project involves a process with two different systems: one that creates the composition, and one that disrupts and remixes the original system. The processes behind covers are more intricate and involved than the computer programs most individuals are comfortable using. “Simple systems are to thank for these complex compositions. In it, 200 particles are created on screen, each picking a random art asset. The system then uses a flocking behavior to separate, align and unite one another. Each particle can be seen as a brush stroke leaving behind a trail as it paints itself across the canvas. After the particles have “painted” the screen for a set duration, we then have a semi-final composition” Joshua explained of his design system. “So a second system now takes over, sampling the semi-final composition, and beginning to disrupt it into parts. Here, an invisible grid samples random sections of the composition and creates a new version with displayed splices. Finally, each cell of the invisible grid makes a 50/50 decision; either display the sample as is or pick the first column of pixels from the sample and stretch” Like most powerful works of art, change and displacement from the familiar is where the true, raw, creativity happens.  The disruption in Joshua’s program informs the whole body of work. The theme of these covers is Be Disruptive, and his work does just that.
  • 12.20.18 A Holiday Tradition of Collaboration

    Holiday traditions bring warmth and togetherness to the winter season. In their long-standing tradition, Kiehl’s continues the annual Limited Edition Charitable Holiday Collection artist collaboration to do just that.  This year, the family-founded skincare brand selected Andrew Bannecker as the artist to illustrate their campaign to help end hunger, and it’s the whimsical festivity that we’ve all been waiting for. Andrew’s signature use of bright and vivid colors illustrate these quirky characters, evoking the festive spirit throughout this collaboration for the holidays. But the collection raises more than just awareness. During a segment on her daytime talk show, Ellen Degeneres featured the project and announced that 100% of the net profits will be used to provide over 1 million meals to Feeding America. Inspired by the spirit of holiday collaborations, Bernstein & Andriulli brought some of our artists together. Creative studio Bewilder gave life to the otherwise 2D characters from the Kiehl’s campaign. In this short holiday message, you can meet some of the illustrations Andrew featured throughout the collection and share in the holiday cheer. From all of us at B&A, we hope you have a great holiday season.
  • 12.19.18 Hugh Stewart Brings A Team Together

    Deciding what you want to do with your career is as important as buying a house or choosing a partner to spend your life with. Most people spend as much, if not more, time with their coworkers as they do their friends and family. As a young and not yet experienced Director, Christian Rivers did not know where his career would take him, but he knew exactly who he wanted to be taking him along for the ride: New Zealand’s most successful filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson. Photographer Hugh Stewart had the opportunity to shoot the creative team 30 years after a fan letter brought the duo together for The Hollywood Reporter. Sir Peter Jackson, who at the time of the letter was known to the world as just “Pete”, received the fan letter from a young high-school aged Christian Rivers from Whanganui, New Zealand. He had just seen Sir Jackson’s self-produced film, Bad Taste, where he made his directorial debut, and young Christian knew he had found his match. He mailed the director some drawings and a note, where he mentioned his love of the film. Years later when Sir Peter was prepping another feature and wanted to include a storyboard, not being able to draw himself, he knew exactly who to call. The photoshoot took place in familiar places for the team, one of them being a quaint shop in Wellington at Hobart Takeaways up the road from their office. The men look comfortable, in the space and sitting next to each other; it’s easy to see that the two work closely together. In the article for The Hollywood Reporter, Christian reveals that he and Jackson don’t exactly need words to communicate their creative process to one another. "We have such a history together that we have such a shorthand — we can sort of finish each other's sentences," he says. Although incredibly humble throughout the article, the opening image features the modest creatives in an opulent theatre where their ideas and films come to life, and allows the reader to feel the magnitude of what the two can create. Hugh Stewart is represented exclusively through our Sydney office.
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  • @rodstanley interviews guests about their looks on the red carpet of the imaginary screening of #GucciShowtime #GucciSS19

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Art Director:ย @christophersimmonds
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