Bronson Farr

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Meet photographer and director Bronson Farr. Farr’s work spans multiple genres, but is connected by the through thread of his whimsical style and ability to capture his subject, who or whatever that may be, in their most authentic form. Whether shooting lifestyle or portraiture — his work is fun, bright, and contains a visual pop. He is driven to create in order to reflect back to the world what he sees, or often, hopes to see. As an advocate for greater civil rights, he strives to highlight LGBTQIA, POC, and AAPI communities within his work. 

Farr thrives on collaboration between himself, his subject, and his team. He finds creative solutions occur at the intersection of effective collaboration and preparation. Bronson’s process for creative ideation is both people-based, drawing on what people find visually or emotionally moving, and visual, inspired by creatives that came before him. This lends his projects a greater aesthetic resonance and relatability. By synthesizing both the past and present, Farr is able to craft work that is forward thinking in terms of concepts and visual compositions.  

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