Pol Kurucz

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Pol Kurucz is a French photographer and motion director who combines Photo, 3D and AI tools to create theatrical works. He blends vibrant colours with eccentric narrative to paint outer worldly scenes with its protagonist at its focus. 

He's worked with global brands such as Netflix, McDonald’s, Tinder, Warner Music, Peloton, Coty Cosmetics, Skyy Vodka, Melissa Shoes, Jockey to name a few. 

His works have been exhibited internationally at Art Basel Miami, ArtExpo NYC, LA Art Show, Red Dot Miami, Lincoln Center NYC, Somerset House London, NY and Shanghai Fashion Week, Superchief NY and Mana Contemporary Miami. In the NFT sphere Pol has been a featured artist on Foundation, Opensea, Nifty, MakersPlace and had a solo show at SuperchiefNFT NY, the world’s first NFT gallery. 

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