Justin Poulsen

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Justin Poulsen is a multi-hyphenate artist whose diverse portfolio showcases his ability to seamlessly integrate a broad range of creative disciplines into his work. His unique approach to image-making combines tactile hand-crafted elements, practical effects, and surreal undertones to create technically accomplished and visually striking art.

Justin's insatiable thirst for knowledge drives him to continuously expand his already impressive skill-set, which includes photography, art direction, directing, sculpting, installation art, still-life styling, product design, and set design. This extensive range of expertise allows him to communicate effectively with his team, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly and achieve exceptional results.

What sets Justin apart is his unparalleled ability to approach any challenge from a multitude of creative angles. His unique perspective results in art that defies categorization and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

In his free time, Justin can be found exploring the streets of Toronto on his skateboard, scouring thrift shops for inspiration, or spending time with his feline companion, Grilled Cheese.

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