Adrian & Gidi

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Adrian & Gidi represents the collaborative work of Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen. A multidisciplinary creative studio based in Amsterdam.

Depending on the clients needs and wishes Adrian & Gidi take pride in being a one-stop shop and can handle a project from start to finish incl. art direction, production, craft, photography, animation, CG and post-production. Ranging from only a single key visual or short film to a complete creative package including social/digital, print and/or packaging.

Besides their love for crafting paper they sporadically work with a wide range of other materials including styrofoam, plexiglass, miniatures, and wood. Whilst most visuals are hand crafted in meticulous detail and captured photographically, other projects are brought to life with digital animation or computer generated imagery.

Adrian & Gidi first met at the Royal Academy of Arts, where they both graduated in 2010. Together with their talented team of designers and crafters they work closely with a wide range of brands and agencies to produce stunning creative content.

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