Angelo Rinaldi

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London based illustrator Angelo Rinalidi, with a background in oil painting, continually brings to light the more fantastical side of life. In terms of technique, he is incredibly versatile with project styles ranging from painterly to photographic realism and everything in-between. Recently, he’s been trying his hand at a new style inspired by CGI animation. 

A two-time nominee of the Kate Greenway award for his picture book illustrations, Angelo works frequently on covers and interiors for publishers such as Scholastic, Penguin and Random House. His projects also span multiple literary genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Romance.

Beyond publishing work, Angelo has collaborated with numerous commercial clients, in varied industries, like British Airways, Camel and High 5 Games. His illustrations have been printed on just about everything from theatre posters to gin bottles. Angelo’s keen eye for detail, care for historical accuracy, and his ability to conjure the unimagined in unexpected ways keeps his clients coming back for more. 

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