Studio Blup

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BLUP was founded by Dines and Alex, creative pioneers shaping culture for over 10 years.

BLUP is an independent creative company; within our ecosystem, we’re redefining culture, commerce, and coaching.

BLUP has a team of world class talented creatives, curators and innovators. 

BLUP boasts iconic collaborations, having teamed up with EMI Records, Nike, Disney, EA Sports, Hasbro and Adidas to name a few.

BLUP is multi-award winning.

BLUP has a 50K+ strong network that helps keep us ahead of the curve.

BLUP maintains academic hustle, partnering with leading universities to sync with tomorrow’s talent.

BLUP has taken the stage at world-wide industry events, sharing insights and shaping the future of creative culture.

Our next move? Transitioning into a brand powerhouse fuelled by an ecosystem designed for the modern creative lifestyle. Get ready. We’re just getting started.



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