La Boca

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Specialising in illustration and image-making, La Boca have developed a world immersed in retina-teasing colour and tactile atmospheres. Their images often attempt to keep one foot in the past, and one foot in the future, feeling at times both familiar and completely new. They are not averse to a little strangeness and abstraction, but their aim always, is to connect with an audience. The images are designed to be felt, feeding imaginations and embracing emotions. Surreal shapes and psychedelic palettes abound, a sense of fun and adventure drifts through their body of work. But always with an underlying current of deliberation, nothing happens without a reason.  

The studio have worked with a wide range of clients, on projects ranging from record covers for underground record labels, through to international advertising campaigns for global brands. Along the way they have collected honours from D&AD, Cannes Lions, European Design Awards, ADC Awards and AIGA.

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