Garrigosa Studio

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This is Garrigosa Studio, a creative studio hell-bent on details that mark the difference between something good and something great.

Garrigosa Studio's goal is to create value, not noise. Elevating brand stories through a combination of Photography, CGI, Post Production and a lively imagination. At Garrigosa Studio the team understand what works, always driven to create powerful and authentic imagery.

Over 25 years of experience have made Garrigosa Studio grow into an award-winning studio always looking for the best way to meet and exceed expectations.

Garrigosa Studio have developed their own style standing out as a full service production studio with inhouse photography, CGI integration and creation together with mind blowing in-house retouching capabilities.

During the past 12 months the team at Garrigosa Studio have developed a workflow to continue offering live photo sessions with streaming services to any part in the world from any of their two own studio locations in Barcelona which operate as an individual studio rental as well having become a reference location in Spain for international photographers and videographers looking to organize their productions in Barcelona.

This tool set combined with the experienced team of artists that integrates the Garrigosa Studio studio allow them to offer the best solutions available to create amazing imagery and animation.

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