Emir Haveric

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Emir Haveric is one of today's top automotive shooters and an expert at shooting and composing with CGI. He has shot on every single continent several times over, including the North Pole. His lighting, use of color, and sense of composition set him apart from others - clients come to Emir when they need their campaign to look completely flawless.  Emir Haveric was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia before moving to Germany at the age of 18. Originally interested in fashion photography, everything changed when Emir worked as a trainee at a large car photography studio. Others tried to discourage him from the field, but Emir was drawn to the complexity of shooting cars and assisted anywhere he could before setting off on his own. Now having worked for years with almost every major automotive company, Emir is also called on by clients and automotive companies to consult. His numerous awards include a Gold at The One Show, Effie Awards, and the Art Directors Club. He was also on the shortlist at Cannes and a finalist in the New York Photo Festival. 

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