We are B&A.

We are a global management agency representing a diverse group of creatives who provide forward-thinking and award-winning visual solutions. Our talent includes photographers, illustrators, animators, design studios, CGI artists, mural artists, hair & makeup artists, stylists, immersive technologists, and full service production. Diversity in the disciplines of talent we represent has made us a conduit for creative cross-pollination. Within our group, we represent both emerging talent and accelerate growth for our established artists. Our agents and artists are creative solution providers.

B&A is based in New York City with offices in London, Germany/Berlin, Shanghai, and Sydney.

B&A is part of Great Bowery. They have reimagined the traditional agency approach by uniting a diverse range of globally recognized luxury image-makers with creative strategists to offer clients end to end service from project inception to full scale execution. Across the entire collective, their services include creative, artist representation, image licensing, and distribution strategy. Founded in 2015 with headquarters in New York City and London, their clients are comprised of the world’s most iconic companies spanning fashion, beauty, Web3, technology, and more. Brands that are part of Great Bowery are B&A, Bowie, CLM, Coveteur, Gallery Stock, GrantedGBI, Lookbooks, M.A.P, Streeters, and Trunk Archive.

Great Bowery and its brands are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable community within our corner of the creative industry. We believe the best ideas are brought to life through collaboration with people of all different races, religions, colors, ages, genders, national origins, abilities and experiences. 

We strive to broaden the diversity of who we work with including our artists, clients, and employees. We want to cultivate a more encouraging workplace and to help our clients create content that better represents the world we live in. We pledge to continually educate ourselves and our collaborators to value different perspectives and to celebrate global creativity.

If you are an artist seeking representation, send your strongest work samples & a bit about you to We want to know: What makes you a fit for B&A? 

Please send work samples as a portfolio link. We do not review work samples added as external attachments for security purposes. Do not send submissions to our info box. 

Jaslyn Loh
Executive Producer

For all other submissions, please email:

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