LB Charles

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LB Charles is a makeup artist based in New York. She is known for creating looks that feature clean, beautiful skin with an artistic pop. Her goal is always to make whoever she is working with feel beautiful, creating work that is elevated but also approachable. She is not afraid to experiment with texture and color, sometimes even bringing her appreciation for craft into her work when appropriate. 
An expert collaborator, LB prides herself on understanding a client's needs while also adding a layer of creativity, or unexpected inspiration, to her work. Pre-production is essential to her work, but she never decides on a final direction before seeing a model face-to-face. 
Growing up with a father in the Air Force, she is used to constantly changing environments, which instilled her with a sense of enduring adaptability. LB approaches every new day and every new project as a welcome challenge. In her free time she loves to watch Anime (a frequent source of inspiration) and spend time with her family.

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