Aziza Rasulova

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Hairstylist Aziza Rasulova got her start styling fashion shows in the US and across Europe. From her backstage experience, she became comfortable working under pressure. During this time, she learned from the likes of Anthony Turner, Duffy, and James Pecis. She is adept at working quickly, finding solutions, and adapting her approach as needed. She thrives in collaborative environments and aims to help clients realize their creative vision. 
Stylistically Aziza’s work has a decidedly abstract quality, often incorporating unexpected textures and shapes. She also works with wigs in both her personal and professional work. Aziza’s style evolves along in step with the culture around her. She is constantly looking for new inspiration. She is an avid reader with an extensive library that she references (especially for period-specific work). In addition, she draws on more unexpected sources, such as music, architecture, or a passerby on the street. She currently resides in New York City. 

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