David Urbanke

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At the heart of David Urbanke’s work is an intimate connection with his subject. The twenty-seven year old photographer and New Jersey native got his start when he was a teenager, shooting interesting people he met on the street. As his career has progressed, David has been able to hone in on his own unique style of shooting. Working in the studio, he brings the raw aesthetic of his early work, but it is balanced by polished finishes. Overall, he favors a clean and minimal aesthetic. 

The first step in David’s approach is always the same: get to know his subject (whoever or whatever that may be). From there, his creative flow is highly adaptable based on the size and scale of the project. He has the innate ability to seemingly remove his subject from the production, making them feel safe, at ease, and capturing their most authentic self. He shoots frequently both in studio, and on location. 

David is able to translate limited resources into eye-catching work. His style is dynamic, often utilizing soft lighting and color blocking. 

Most recently, he has photographed notable personalities such as: Kerry Washington, Michael B. Jordan, Joe Jonas, Maluma, Elisabeth Moss, and more.

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