Serial Cut

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Serial Cut are a studio specializing in creativity and art direction, focused on the fields of advertising and culture. Serial Cut create iconic images, animations, extended realities, and artificial intelligence using digital, physical, virtual, or AI techniques.

Established in 1999, Serial Cut is a creative and art direction studio for advertising and culture, creating iconic imagery, animation and extended realities using a range of techniques, including digital, physical, virtual, and recently, AI.

The studio has evolved and adapted to ongoing visual trends while maintaining the iconic Serial Cut style. They strive for a vibrant yet classic look, always aiming to achieve a final “wow” effect.

The Serial Cut core team nurtures collaborative workflows in projects by applying multidisciplinary creative solutions: CGI or physical (photography / live action) or a mix of both, and lately including AI and XR techs. Recently, the studio has expanded its capabilities to include extended realities such as AR and VR, as well as AI, allowing clients to access a wider range of techniques for creating immersive and memorable experiences.

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