• 3.4.20


    Recently, we caught up with photographer Liz Von Hoene and creative director Jillian Frey to talk about their latest collaboration, Wednesday’s Girl - a concept driven accessory story. The duo artfully depicts "a coquettish woman sitting at her petite secretary desk daydreaming of spontaneous adventures in the city. Her flair for the dramatic influences her discriminating choices in over-the-top accessories that appear in the most surprising ways”. Both the still imagery and motion content pop with color and playful finishes throughout for a decidedly quirky and whimsical aesthetic. Every creative element that went into each scenario "plays into her varying personas and emotions" and was methodically calculated in order to create cleverly chic and effortless content. 
    During our chat it became clear that there was also a second story to tell about the genesis of Wednesday’s Girl. A few years back Liz and Jillian worked together on a project for La Marca Prosecco's first ever brand campaign. They were tasked with transforming social occasions into scenario driven moments that demonstrated sensational ways to "make everyday sparkle" (scroll down to see images from this collaboration). Liz and Jillian felt this was some of their strongest most inspired work. Also, as Liz so eloquently put, “once you find a great tribe of creative people you want to work with them again and again”.
    A few years, many projects and a newborn baby later Liz and Jillian were both hungry for inspiration. They decided to lend their collective creative synergies to a new personal project, Wednesday’s Girl. It proves that “the joy of storytelling” can still be captured without the large budgets of commercial work. Shot entirely in studio, the magic of this project comes from re-inventing a simple scene while blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Although the backdrop remained consistent, strategic changes of fashion, accessories and props for each shot created a sense of excitement. This partnership underscores the importance of investing in personal projects and creating art for the sake of art. 
    Since wrapping on Wednesday’s girl Liz and Jillian have started work on a few other projects as well. We are excited to see what they come up with next. 

    Photographer/Director, Liz Von Hoene

    Creative Director, Jillian Frey

    Director of Photography, Nate Dorn

    Asst to Director of Photography, Nick Tabidze

    Wardrobe Stylist, Rebecca Weinberg

    Makeup Artist, Piper Von Hoene

    Hair Artist, Katie Ballard

    Prop & Set Designer, Katie Benson @ The Spin Style Agency

    Talent, Chloe @ MP Management Atlanta

    Producer, Claudia Bost

    Video Editor, Josh Sundby

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