• 7.30.15

    Victoria Plum's Wonderous Bathroom by Bose Collins

    There are few places that offer the solitude of the bathroom. In an age where we’re constantly in contact with one another and always finding new ways to interact with our worlds, the bathroom offers a type of sanctuary that is unparalleled. With very few exceptions, it’s the one place where you can always count on being alone, and that is something that should be celebrated.

    For their latest advertisement spot, Victoria Plum was looking to create a visual representation of this celebration, showing off their fixtures and products. Bose Collins, the CGI company that Victoria Plum tapped for the advertisement, ideated with London based film company Alpha Century. Together they looked to Busby Berkeley for inspiration. You’re already familiar with Busby Berkeley, even if you didn’t know. Busby is best known for his films with intense choreography and synchronicity. “We wanted to have this element of Alice in Wonderland or the tunnel in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory,” explains Nathan Collins of Bose Collins. “We wanted it to be a bit of a ride.” Looking specifically to Berkeley choreography with swimmers, the video becomes a sort of sink and faucet kaleidoscopic hallucination. The clean lines and fresh feeling of Victoria Plum’s products are the perfect squeaky clean base for such an imaginative visualization.

    To achieve this look, Bose Collins had to manage a breathtaking amount of assets and imagery. The only way to do that successfully was to plan for everything. “We storyboarded it to a really, really high level,” says Nathan. “And when we shot it, we shot all the elements.” Operating two parallel sessions, every element seen on screen was photographed and filmed by the Bose Collins team to ensure they had everything they needed. Then through the challenging process of fitting everything together as smoothly as possible they were able to achieve this homage to classic Hollywood inspiration.

    When creating an entire alternate with all these elements they were shooting from real life, it was impossible for Bose Collins to know exactly what it was going to look like until they started piecing it together. That moment, when everything came together for the first time, was a remarkable event for the team at Bose Collins. When asked what the most satisfying moment of the production was, Nathan didn’t have to think very long: “Putting together the first edit of the live action shoot, the moment when we locked in with the music and got a sense of what it was going to be. It’s quite satisfying that we can bring this thing to life how we imagined it.”

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