• 6.17.16

    Tom Corbett Reflects on Fatherhood for Alexa

    In the fashion industry it’s all about the hustle and bustle and everything moves at the speed of light. The global hearts of fashion are the world’s most fashionable cities like Paris, Rome, and New York. But Karl Lagerfeld’s main muse Brad Kroenig has rejected the lifestyle that’s forged in those cities. Instead he’s moved to suburban New Jersey to grab a piece of a quieter, more relaxed life. It’s an unconventional choice and something that The New York Post’s fashion vertical Alexa wanted to explore. The Post sent Tom Corbett to New Jersey to see what he could find, and what he discovered is a feeling of a time gone by.

    For Tom, this shoot was all about visualizing the tradition of the 1950s Suburban Fatherhood ideal. In many ways, and from many angles, Kroenig is the perfect father so Tom wanted to punch that up. “It’s every suburban dream,” Tom says. “Perfect lawn. Perfect house. Perfect wife. We wanted to give it a little bit of the ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ feel. And it think it came across quite nicely.” What better time to reflect on the idea of fatherhood than the week of Father’s Day?

    To achieve this look Tom reached into his technical bag of tricks. “I used a Fresnel light, a movie star light, to really give it that ‘50s real vignette,” Tom explains. “And we played with curves just to give it that retro feel. I think it worked really nicely.” Technology has come so far in the last sixty years that catching the aesthetics were natural in the ‘50s requires incredible knowledge of the craft to make them seem true. Tom’s mastery of the form means he was able to achieve the look exactly right.

    The last element was a creative relationship with a subject that lined up with Tom’s goals. He had to focus on making sure everything looked exactly right and luckily Kroenig was right there with him. Kroenig is an accomplished model and the perfect partner to create something amazing with. “He’s a big model so he’s really easy to work with and the kids were amazing, they’re really super easy to work with as well,” says Tom. Suburbia, meanwhile, wasn’t as cooperative. “The police showed up twice because they wanted to make sure we weren’t doing anything illegal,” Tom says with a laugh. Alas, perhaps the worlds of a fashionable city needs some distance from slow moving suburbia, and that’s precisely why Kroenig is out there. But the lights and the camera are always calling him back.

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