• 8.23.17

    The Selby's Short Film 'Redmond Hand Private Dick' Twists and Turns

    A missing cactus. A floating baby. A reappearing raccoon. Todd Selby's new short film, ‘Redmond Hand Private Dick’ has all that plus a snitch in drag. We all know Todd's work well, everything from immersive watercolor dreamscapes to arresting photographs to documentary portraits, but this leap into narrative is something different for Todd. And for good reason. “With my photography I consider myself a creative documentarian. So I’m documenting things that exist in the world at the same time I’m trying to do it in a way that’s creative as possible,” Todd explains. “With this scripted piece it was an opportunity to just totally be creative. And not have it need to have any documentarian roots. So that was a fun thing for me.” All of Todd’s talents are on display: photography, motion, illustration, animation. It all comes together into one piece. And it’s completely unexpected thanks to a script penned by his friend Jason Kreher.

    Todd and Kreher’s relationship isn't random. A few years ago Todd accepted an invitation to essentially intern at Weiden+Kennedy for a week, hopping from project to project and tethered to Kreher for most of it. “He’s just probably one of the funniest people that I’ve ever met,” says Todd. “So when I started thinking about this trying to do a scripted project I immediately thought of him. I just thought he’s brought such a unique sense of humor and creativity. That’s another fun part about the film: it’s so collaborative.” Kreher worked closely with Todd to create a script that was supremely original but also inspired by stories and experiences they had. Once everything blended together, the result was a twisting, turning gumshoe mystery that tracks everywhere from Echo Park to Selbywood.

    If you can follow the twists and turns through ‘Redmond Hand Private Dick,’ as audiences followed through the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, the MiFo LGBT Film Festival, the Slamdance Film Festival, the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Outfest, and the LA Film Festival, you’ll be surprised and tickled at every moment. That’s entirely on purpose. “I’m hoping the film is entertaining and different and surprising,” Todd says. “Working with Jason, we both tried to be different fun and surprising. That was what we were trying to do.”

    For more information on the film check out this article from AdWeek, and don’t miss the film below!

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