• 6.8.15

    The Art of Mathematics

    For many, science and art are to be kept separate. Of different worlds, science and art represent distinct modalities of thinking and have entirely unique provenances. Where science is about order, art is about emotional expression which is rarely, if ever, tidy. But the line between these two worlds is perhaps less strict than some realize. For Tatiana Plakhova, a new addition to the B&A roster, there is no line. For Tatiana, they are the same.

    One of Tatiana’s broadest collections, “Chaos and Structure,” offers a poignant look at her process and ideation. For this collection she started with maps that offer perhaps the keenest combination of science and art. Where maps provide accurate geographical presentation of points in space, the mapmaker may employ their own artistry adding a grace to their work. For her own pieces, Tatiana starts with historical record and then makes it her own. “It’s a real map of stars that was made in the 19th century,” she describes one of the pieces from this collection. “Real structure, real stars. I made sizes of every dot exactly as it was in the original map. And then I just made it abstract, adding some of my graphic work to make some mess.” This mess she describes is actually a meticulously created visual language that she develops for each different piece.

    When she starts on a project she engages in a fury of tangible brainstorming, putting down on paper everything that enters into her creative flow. “In the beginning I make many, many, many elements,” she says. Then she pieces each of these elements into larger and larger compositions that she describes like constructing linguistics. “I make letters then I make words then I make phrases. It’s like linguistic work. When I have this library of elements, I just play around. For this collection the theme was stars and maps and eternity.” So much of the process is organic that it’s almost as if it happens through Tatiana instead of at her behest. “I don’t actually choose what to draw,” she explains. Instead, she just gets out of the way of the work arriving through her process.

    We welcome Tatiana Plakhova to our roster. Please take a few moments to look through her portfolio.

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