• 6.1.12

    Studio Jeremyville for Goldfish Crackers

    Studio Jeremyville creates a series of amusing adventures for Pepperidge Farm's new Flavored Blasted Goldfish Crackers. The illustration studio was approached to draw notebook sketches that would become the basis for the cracker brand's new ad campaign. The team at Young & Rubicam sent the words and visuals and Jeremyville drew them in his signature high school sketchbook style. The ads feature the full sketchbook pages with goldfish crackers engaged in different adventure stories. Jeremyville calls it a "fun job" and jokingly adds "with lots of cracker crumbs on my drawing table."

    See more of Studio Jeremyville's illustrations here.

    Client: Goldfish Crackers
    Agency: Young & Rubicam
    Art Buyer: Bill Gastinger
    Creative Director: Eric Glickman
    Illustrations: Studio Jeremyville

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