• 9.14.12

    Stockton Johnson Is All Aboard for Louis Vuitton

    The Orient Express has served as a symbol of mystery, luxury, and adventure since its creation in 1883. Once again the fabled steam engine has ignited imaginations across the globe.

    Photographer Stockton Johnson has used the locomotive as a backdrop to create a whimsical pre-Shanghai inspired story conceptualized by creative director Alexander Chow. Aptly titled "Orient Express," the spread is featured in the September issue of Vogue China

    This reincarnation of the train was created by the fanciful mind of Marc Jacobs and his creative team at Louis Vuitton and was used in their Paris Fall/Winter 2012 show. The train has since journeyed all the way to China to celebrate the opening of the Shanghai Louis Vuitton store.

    Johnson and Chow provided the perfect ending to the Orient Express' long journey with the help of models Tian Yi, Bonnie Chen, Si Miao, Danni Li, and Ma Jing. The shoot was styled by Candy Lee with hair and makeup provided by Alan Milroy and Charlie Taylor.

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