• 12.9.10

    Stan Chow Creates Holiday Characters for OfficeMax

    In time for the holiday party season, OfficeMax launches the Holiday Party Bingo game for Facebook. The game allows partygoers to connect around an event. To start, users create an event, invite friends or co-workers, and then customize a bingo board with twelve categories. Categories range from "Most Elftastic" or "Holiday Spirit" to "World's Wildest Dancer" or "Party Crasher." Invitees can make predictions about the party by nominating friends or co-workers to the categories. The game can also be used in conjunction with a free iPhone app that allows users to view the bingo board and upload photos from the event in real time.

    Stan Chow created and illustrated the characters that represent each category for OfficeMax. After OfficeMax briefly outlined the character and their category, Chow fleshed them out by drawing on real-life inspirations. For example, the couple kissing in "Mistletoe Moment" is based on Chow and his wife. The "Too Cool for School" character was based on a singing waiter Chow once had in Goa.

    See more of Stan Chow's illustrations here.

    Holiday Party Bingo is currently available on Facebook and in the Apple App Store.

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