• 5.8.17

    Sir Peter Blake Puts Love Behind the Wheel

    Not many agencies can boast having a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire on their roster, but we’re always humbled to represent Sir Peter Blake. His work has inspired generations of artists and shifted entire movements, and includes some of the most recognizable compositions ever made. (You know that iconic cover of The Beatles’ “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”? Yeah, that was him.) His work has covered billboards, double decker buses, and filled museums and books for decades, but this past year Peter brought his talents to Bentley where he created a bespoke, one of one Continental GT Convertible to benefit the amazing Care2Save Charitable Trust. Care2Save focuses on palliative and hospice care all around the world, and before they got started Peter was able to take lunch at a local center that operates thanks to Care2Save’s hard work. “I was happy to do it,” Peter says about the work. “We met the staff there and they obviously do a great job.” His work eventually earned £250,000 for the charity.

    The car’s design is bold in its rich colors and gallant symbolism, something that Peter worked hard to get to, even if it looks simple. “I used all kinds of symbols like stars, a rainbow, a target, and we started off doing it like that and slowly refined it,” he explains. “I think sometimes if you take it down to the bare minimum it’s often the best solution. Quite often the first idea is the best solution and you can then elaborate on that and then you find that you come back to that and it’s the best idea in the first place.” At the end of it Peter stuck with the single heart to make the message very clear: this is about love and respect. 

    “There’s something about a big heart motif,” Peter says. “You’re implying love straight away and simply finding the message and getting your message straight across.”


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