• 4.24.14

    Serial Cut Takes Qantas to 'Ausmerica' With Print and Motion Campaign

    Qantas spelled out its extensive network of services from Australia to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York with a print and motion campaign by Serial Cut.

    "Droga5 came to us with the word 'Ausmerica' – a portmanteau of Australia and America – and asked us to create the lettering, and to fill each letter with a different landmark that would illustrate a journey," said Serial Cut's Sergio del Puerto. "The creatives told us, 'The first letter should be Sydney, the second should be the interior of the aircraft,' and so on, and we submitted our interpretations."

    Following the sketches' approval, the team dropped "Ausmerica" into Cinema 4D. "Some of the letters were more difficult than others, like the Hollywood 'M,' " del Puerto noted. His favorite was the "C," which shows yellow cabs whipping around the curve.

    Serial Cut also animated the key-visual narrative in a pair of commercials – a 15-and a 30-second-long spot.

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