• 8.2.10

    Serial Cut Does 3D for LG

    LG Electronics recently launched the LG Optimus, an Android-powdered smartphone that synchronizes with all Google mobile services. The LG Optimus aims to be less intimidating and more user-friendly to first-time smartphone users. Says Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, "This is a device that was designed for regular people who want to jump into the smartphone experience but have been hesitant to do so because of the learning curve."

    Serial Cut demonstrates the features of the LG Optimus with a 3D illustration in the international campaign by BBH Singapore. A pop-up accordion unfolds behind the phone, each panel representing a different capability. The phone is G-mail and social networking friendly, and perhaps the most unique feature is Wikitude: a mobile application that uses Augmented Reality.

    Close-up of the LG Optimus campaign by Serial Cut

    Creative Director Sergio del Puerto explains, "Augmented reality is a technique that overlays virtual vision and its information on the real world to enhance human visual perception. Current applications of Wikitude, such as Wikitude World Browser and Wikitude Drive, run on smartphones. These applications can only be used for iPhone, Android, and Symbian software platforms as travel guides and personal navigation devices. Currently, Wikitude World Browser is used for a travel guide. Users can get web-based information about points of interest, where to eat, description of buildings, and architectural images of historical places."

    While the phone is decidedly high-tech, the image draws on something much more simple: paper cut-outs. Serial Cut overlaid texture and worked with lighting and shadow to create an intricate folding piece that looks as if someone had spent hours working on real cut-outs, as they has also been known to do.

    Each piece has different textures applied

    For more work by Serial Cut, check out their portfolio.

    Client: LG Intenational
    Agency: BBH
    3D Illustration: Serial Cut
    Art Director: Sergio del Puerto

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