• 2.11.15

    Serial Cut Amplifies Your World

    Everyone has a different relationship with the music they listen to. Whether they jam out getting ready for a big night out, or to set the perfect mood at a dinner party, or to totally unplug from their hectic day, music can be a tool. A tool to express yourself, to calm yourself, to shift your mind frame. It acts as recalibration, a magnifying glass to whatever is being plugged into it.

    House of Marley, the speaker and headphone company, wanted to introduce their Liberate portable Bluetooth speaker using the transformative power of music. If music can change your world, a portable speaker can change any world it’s introduced to. CGI studio Serial Cut was tasked with creating the spot that would illustrate those ideas.

    The biggest clue the piece gives us about what Serial Cut is getting at is the first line of the animation’s voice over. It suggests, “Open your eyes, what do you hear?” The internal conflict of the statement is that we do not listen with our eyes, or see with our ears. But what if we did? What would we see with our ears? What would we hear with our eyes? Serial Cut dove directly into these questions, constructing a world that transcended reason and played directly on what music has the potential to ignite within ourselves.

    With a name borrowed from the King of Reggae, Bob Marley, the stereo company is committed to quality, being earth-friendly, and cause-minded. Serial Cut drew on these tenants when bringing together their CGI piece. The whole setting of their piece shows people and wildlife in balance with the natural environment around them. The lines are as clean as the constructs, with the voice over begging us to, “Come closer, to the place where everything is reimagined.” And everything is reimagined: from friendly crustaceans, to a self-playing drum set, to waves of sound concretized into solid banners.

    Each of these elements is, as the voice over says, “your world, amplified.” Every idea, every relationship, is turned up to the best possible version, showing us what music can do and how Serial Cut can show it to us.

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