• 1.20.16

    Sarah Coleman Makes Our Guilty Pleasures Innocent

    There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Nothing that gives you pleasure should make you feel guilty, but if you are trying to stay on track with some New Year’s resolutions, sweet snacks aren’t always the easiest route towards your new goals. In that spirit, Skinny Cow teamed up with Sarah J Coleman (aka Inkymole) to help us rethink how we indulge. Skinny Cow is best known for their line of sweet treats that are easy on the waistline, but their collaboration with Sarah was about reminding us that there are options beyond the ones that are counter to our hopes for ourselves.

    Each pleasure is a very personal experience, and the work that Sarah did dives into that reality. Every piece of typography had to fit into the composition and feel unique and personal. In order to get the right feel for it, Sarah explored different energies and forms to strike the right tone. “I created at least four versions of each phrase, as there were several possible looks that would fit,” Sarah says. “It was important to me that they were literally 'done quickly', with no digital interference, to emphasize the freshness and honesty. In other words, they couldn't look like they were created by a lettering artist with years of practice, rather we should be able to imagine that the ladies in the ads had written them themselves!” That light hand makes the pieces speak more directly to the viewer, adding a level of honesty and integrity that cannot be faked.

    Taking care of ourselves is always the right choice, and something that we want focus on and make it fun. That impulse was on display with her personal project she worked on this past Fall with her collaborator Ed Gardland. “Tinselsnakes” is a holiday themed story that is told through three different points of view, presented as a picture book, a traditional short story, and a stylized radio show pressed into vinyl. “I was experimenting with a risky style that's never been put before an audience, to share a very personal interpretation of a new story, and collaborating with hand-chosen creatives from non-illustration fields while risking a lot on a project no-one might like!” Everyone ended up liking it, with an overwhelmingly positive response to this non-traditional storytelling.

    Take a look at Tinselsnakes here.

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