• 11.18.09

    Roy Zipstein Lights Up Paris and New York for Apple

    What do Parisians, babies, and the cast of 30 Rock all line up for? The answer: Apple store openings. Two new locations were recently unveiled, Apple's first store in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre, and its fourth in New York City on the Upper West Side. On hand to document the beauty of the new stores was Roy Zipstein, Apple's go-to store photographer for the past 5 years. Zipstein has traversed continents for Apple, shooting stores at home in America (New York, Boston, and Chicago) and abroad in Europe (London, Munich, and Zurich), Asia (Tokyo and Beijing), and more (Sydney and Montreal).

    Apple's sleek products and distinct store designs have earned a cult following. Apple diehards are so enthusiastic that Zipstein often runs into them lining up outside stores a day or two in advance of the opening. In particular, the crowd in Paris was one of the most enthusiastic that Zipstein had seen so far. Thankfully, the fans are always more than willing to leave their seats to allow Zipstein to get his exterior shots.

    Having built a 5-year relationship together, the collaboration between Zipstein and Apple almost seems like a dream. The Apple creative force that Zipstein works with is highly inclusive, from the graphic design department to the retail development team to the architects. The teams have been unchanged for the most part, which provides a great sense of continuity. Comments Zipstein, "It is like a family reunion every few months when we meet up in a new city to open a new store. The shoots are long and intense and everyone's 'game' is elevated by the collective attitude."

    When it comes to direction, Apple trusts Zipstein, letting him know what they need from a shoot while giving him free reign to explore his own ideas. "Everyone at Apple brings a sense of professionalism and excitement which I truly appreciate and thrive on," says Zipstein.

    Each Apple store is crafted with as much attention to detail as their products. Adds Zipstein, "The Apple Stores are so beautifully designed, inside and out. It's been very interesting to witness the design process evolve over the last few years, through the use of different materials such as glass, stainless steel and stone, and the evolving interpretation of the interior space. Having the architects present at some of these shoots and being able to exchange thoughts with them has been an added bonus for me."

    Besides the retail stores, Zipstein also shoots portraits for the Apple retail website and their in-store "One to One" program. Click here to view more of his work.

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