• 3.5.14

    Rod Hunt Imagines the WWE Hall of Fame

    Rod Hunt's mockup of the long-rumored WWE Hall of Fame is making the Internet rounds, already landing on DigitalArts, Kotaku, and ShortList.com.

    Commissioned by WWE Magazine, Hunt drew tributes to World Wrestling Entertainment stars like The Hall of Hogan, The Heartbreak Kid Hotel, Life-Size Andre the Giant, Booker T's Spinarooni, Jerry Lawler's and Triple H's Throne Room, Junkyard Dog & Mad Dog Vachon's Dog Pound, and The Hart Family Dungeon. "The brief contained a list of the wrestlers to include, a title for each attraction, and a loose one-line description of a given area," Hunt explained. "Apart from that, the details were left to me." He researched the athletes to learn about their personae and WWE's visual style – "which helped me come up with The Hall of Hogan's mustached sign and bandanna exhibition, for example."

    He then took to a sketchbook before submitting a rough draft to the client for feedback and layout purposes, and creating the final artwork in Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom Cintiq tablet. The main challenge, aside from a week turnaround, was "ensuring all the wrestlers were instantly recognizable when drawn so small," Hunt noted. "You have to be very economical with the detail when rendering their features otherwise they tend to look overworked."

    "The response from the client has been great," he added. "They were extremely pleased with the results."

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