• 10.18.16

    Reed + Rader Blooms with V Magazine

    Most art is about communication, but sometimes the goal is to open your mind. For Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, the creative duo behind Reed + Rader, they're all about edging into totally new spaces. They’ve been collaborating with V Magazine for years, making the impossible, and this year was something of a celebration of summer with a new immersive video that’s at once inconceivable and totally accessible.  “V Magazine is willing to just go for the ride with us. We did a flowers video with them a few years ago and it was like the beginning steps for us to rotate the camera in a 3d space,” says Pamela. “This is kind of a follow-up for us where we wanted to do a new floral themed video but really push the camera movement in the 3d space.”

    To create a look like this requires a process that Reed + Rader have been perfecting over the last couple years, and requires a certain amount of planning, skills, and techniques that they’ve made their go-to tools. “Everything’s shot on green screen and, sometimes the camera movement is done on set, but most of the time it’s done completely in post production. And everything else is complete CGI,” says Matthew. “It looks more complicated than it actually is.” We’d tell you exactly how they achieve this magic but that would kind of take the fun out of it, don’t you think?

    What’s unique about what Reed + Rader does is that it’s not trying to be realistic. This isn’t hyperreal CGI that bends the mind. Instead it’s self-aware and invites you to come along anyway. “We create all of our worlds in 3d because we like worlds that can’t really exist in reality,” says Pamela. “So just pushing that line of doing these surreal fun worlds is something that clients really latch onto.” Overgrown ruins in a field are familiar enough, but no one is stepping through human sized tulips or grasping 10-foot tall daisies. But that’s what gives their visions their unique value.

    Pamela and Matthew are tapping into something visceral, continuing an exploration that began in childhood. “Having the possibility to walk around this place and have it feel like it could be real and maybe some day will be real, years from now if the technology gets good enough... that feels magical," says Matthew. "As a kid you read bedtime stories and it transports you to this magical place: what if we could actually go there? That’s kind of the overarching theme.” Until we’re able to step inside these worlds we can use our devices like windows into the impossible imaginations of Reed + Rader. 

    Please join us in welcoming Reed + Rader to the roster at B&A.



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