• 1.23.18

    Platon and Fiverr Want You to Get to Work

    New Year, New You, right? 2018 is going to be your year, right?

    Don’t just say it: Do it.

    That’s the message behind the latest campaign from Fiverr and DCX, photographed by Platon. It’s not enough to have good ideas or dreams as high as the sun: our world only rewards those who do. So, you better do. Platon and Fiverr want to make sure you’re one of those people that does.

    This isn’t the first time that Platon teamed up with the freelancer marketplace that connects independent creators with entrepreneurs to collaborate. Last year was the first iteration of the “Doers” Campaign, and this year it’s expanded, not only in representation, but in inspiration as well. This year it’s all about inspiring the entrepreneur inside all of us. The campaign is bundled with the “Year of Doing” initiative that invites creatives the world over to make their goals public on Fiverr’s website and offers tools to help make those goals more attainable. 

    Provocative copy like “Actually, It Hasn’t All Been Done Before,” and “It’s Not the Thought That Counts” is paired with Platon’s portraits, connecting the word to the faces of those who use Fiverr. It reminds us that these services are about people, they’re about bringing together communities and creators. They’re about doing it this year.

    Platon’s imagery challenges us to chase that dream, and make good those ideas that live inside each of us. As always, the campaign is no BS, reminding us that no one cares if you thought of an idea first and meetings should be about work and not about vanity.

    So, get out there and get it done!

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