• 11.30.17

    Nomoco Helps the Transition Travel with Alaska Airlines

    It’s easy to get caught up in the common wisdom about airports: we imagine them as spaces where travelers rush from one timed event to another, trying to get through security lines fast enough to make their next flight, all on the way out. But there’s a magic to the airport, it’s where we move from one space into another. Airports are resting spots between moments on our individual journeys and the perfect place to reflect on where we’re going and where we’ve been. Recently, Nomoco was commissioned by Alaska Airlines through Hornall Anderson to help bring a new energy to a tunnel through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with an installation of a massive illustration.

    The illustration stretches more than 200 feet through SEATAC Airport, acting as a transition through the space, but allowing travelers to visit Nomoco’s take on a variety of destinations. Although Nomoco’s illustration includes recognizable locations like the Yucatan Peninsula, Cuba, and Los Angeles, there are sections that are more interpretive. A forest full of birds, a bubbly body of water, and stretches of clouds are all space we can let our travel dreams take hold.

    “Inspired by the rich colors of nature and the vibrant air of cities, I aimed to create a rhythmical transition journey space from city to city,” explains Nomoco. “I hope it brings an uplifting atmosphere to the tunnel.” 

    The next time you’re walking through the airport on your way home, on a trip, or towards another flight, remember to take a breath and remember that there’s something magical about the whole thing. And if you forget to, maybe Nomoco will help remind you.

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