• 3.5.12

    Nels Israelson Photographs the John Carter Campaign

    Nels Israelson captures the campaign for Disney's latest film John Carter. The action movie stars Taylor Kitsch as a Confederate soldier who is transported to Mars and becomes involved in the conflict of the various nations of the planet. Actors Lynn Collins, Mark Strong, and Dominic West also star as the planet's citizens.

    Israelson shot the cast on location in Moab, Utah, where main production was already filming. The area featured astonishing red cliffs, panoramic alien vistas, crazy skies, and gorgeous light, although much of the shoot took place indoors with strobes on gray seamless. The otherworldly look of the film was mostly created in post-production, and therefore Israelson and the crew had to create an authentic-looking light and vibe that would be flexible enough to composite the surreal circumstances of the film's setting. Before the shoot Israelson did as much research as possible on the story and the characters. He calls the cast "amazing." and adds, "my job can mostly be to simply stay focused and keep my balance, because there's no predicting what might happen, and it can be a pretty wild ride."

    John Carter opens in theaters this Friday.

    See more of Nels Israelson's photography here.

    Client: Walt Disney
    Creative Directors: John Sabel / Disney & Warren Nung / BLT & Associates
    Photographer: Nels Israelson

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