• 10.21.09

    My City, My Metro: Josh Cochran for the Citizens of Dubai

    Instead of promoting Dubai as a playground to tourists, the city is taking a new turn and promoting new services to its citizens. The latest development is the Dubai Metro, a public transportation system expected to carry 1.2 million passengers a day over 75 kilometers of lines. To promote this massive project, Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai set forth on a full scale campaign to bring the Dubai Metro to life. At the heart of the campaign is the intricate, whimsical, unique artwork of renowned New York artist Josh Cochran. Cochran's illustration depicts the connectivity the Dubai Metro offers to the various famous icons of Dubai such as the Burj Al Arab, The Palm and the Jumeirah Grand Mosque.

    To read more about the campaign with insight from a Dubai official and Saatchi & Saatchi creatives, click ahead. "We have chosen to use illustrations for our print campaign because these give us a format in which we can deliver our messages in a warm, friendly and welcoming way. This style has never been used by us before and we strongly feel that this campaign will appeal to a global audience while continuing to build affinity for the city of Dubai," comments Peyman Younes Parham, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai.

    When it came time for Saatchi and Saatchi to choose an illustrator to carry out the campaign, they naturally fell on Josh Cochran. Says creative Andy Johns, "We decided to use Josh based on his unique style. Instead of using a very 'tight' illustrator we opted for someone who has more of a 'loose' and flexible style. [It was] ideal for what we were/are doing because of the constant changes that were being made as is always the case working with a government body."

    Saatchi and Saatchi set numerous activities, institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for the passengers, and society at large. In order to maximize impact on Dubai's residents the campaign has integrated all marketing tools, approaches, and resources.

    Saatchi & Saatchi creative Hussain Moloobhoy elaborates, "We took several educational messages and wrapped them in an attention-grabbing and engaging overall package. The simple graphic illustrative nature of the campaign was warm, friendly, and entertaining, portraying the RTA as welcoming as ever. [It] aimed to inspire the people of Dubai to ride the metro and welcome its launch."

    The RTA recently announced that over a million people traveled on the Metro between September 9 - September 26, 2009. RTA official Parham concludes, "In the end, we want people to talk about how the Dubai Metro has transformed their lives for the better and are proud of using it. We hope that these efforts support the overall goal of making Dubai the greatest city in the world."

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