• 3.23.15

    Mac Premo’s Bucket Board Does The Green Thing

    The responsibility of any generation is to pass on what they've learned to the next, and to do so with minimal destruction. This year, the World Wildlife Fund asked 15 artists to take materials that already exist and recreate them to give them new life. The project, Do The Green Thing, aims to use creativity and art to fight climate change acting as "a gentle nudge towards a more thoughtful and more sustainable way of living." For Mac Premo, who was tapped for the project by Pentagram London, the challenge was very familiar. “That’s pretty much what I do for everything,” he explains. “So I rephrased the challenge in my brain – I thought, what do I give a shit about, and can that be made out of trash?” Reaching back into his memory from when he bought his daughter her first skateboard, one that was made by hand out of artfully constructed wood, he got in contact with Don Sanford, of Sanford Shapes, the company that made the board, to ask, “Can we make skateboards out of trash?”

    As a venerable "Stuff Maker," a project like this is a natural fit and just a matter of finding the right materials. And they did find them. In excess. Buckets. Lots of buckets. In the refuse of construction sites, namely the dozens of buckets that are used and discarded with nearly every construction project, Mac found a practically renewable resource for his own project. “There are thousands of them thrown away on every job site and it goes in the earth and it stays there,” says Mac. The robustness of the buckets make for a skating surface that is durable while the flexibility ensures a gracefully made board.

    Pretty quickly they started producing the boards and it was something of a paradigm shift for both Mac and Don. “The concept of taking stuff out of the landfill and giving it a second life is just fascinating,” says Don. “There’s no material cost in these things, they’re free. All we have to do is build them.” The cost may be free, but the value is far higher.

    For Mac, it's all about passing the love of skateboarding on to the next generation. “When I got on a skateboard as a kid I didn’t just learn how to roll, I learned how to express myself,” he says. “For a while in my life a curb was just a curb. But then it was an opportunity. And that changed the way I saw the world.” By creating these boards from what is essentially nothing, he and Don are able to pass these lessons and that empowerment on to those who need it. They’ve almost literally created something out of nothing in such a way to change how people interact with their worlds for the better.

    For more information on The Bucket Board check out Mac and Don’s website.


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