• 9.2.14

    Liam Dunn Doubles Up at British Vogue

    For Liam Dunn, Make-Up is enhancement. He uses his brushes to apply lines and shades that highlight the person he’s working with, rather than hiding them away.

    For the latest issue of British Vogue, Liam worked with two very different women to highlight their personal styles. Liam brought forth what both Francesca Amfitheatrof (Design Director at Tiffany) and Caroline Belhumeur (Women’s Designs at Club Monaco) is most ironically them, their personalities.

    When Liam does work like this, he takes everything into account, the whole context, so that his work coalesces with the whole image. “I have to be cognizant of their individual style. I want to go in and do something that is them, because it’s a story about who they are as people,” he says. “I researched both women, just to get an idea of their individual styles. I find that’s really important so when I go into the shoot, I’m not going in cold.” All of this background work means that he can use the time he has on set effectively, so that his part of the job is done seamlessly.

    Intimate projects set in the subjects’ homes can be tricky. The women are usually quite busy, and in the hustle and bustle, he has to make sure that the women remain comfortable. "Having 25 years of experience, when you go into a portrait sitting oftentimes you’re working with people who are in a hurry. So you have to be very conscious of their time,” Liam explains. “The mood of the shoot, the clothing, the direction, what the shoot is trying to convey.” Once all those pieces come together for him, he sets to work. If he were to ignore those pieces, what he does would stick out inelegantly. Instead, he helps to create a richer image that projects the style of the subject.

    This issue of British Vogue highlighted all sorts of women in style, each with their own particular tastes. Liam was excited to be a part of this particular issue because of how he sees fashion work in the current day. “Fashion is about the individual style of the person. It’s not about following a whole trend blindly,” he explains. This incredible cast of powerfully stylish women creates a literal fashion roster than viewers can pick and choose from. It turns from idolatry to inspiration. And Liam helped create some of that inspiration.

    "I was really excited to work with British Vogue, I was really thrilled. It's a huge honor to work for a magazine of that caliber," he says. "So that was wonderful."

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