• 2.11.11

    Kareem Black Photographs M&Ms for Valentine's Day

    This Valentine's Day M&Ms is giving customers the chance to personalize the candy for their loved ones. Customers can have special messages written or photographs imprinted on a candy piece. Kareem Black photographed a life-like M&M to promote the special. The candy appears reclining on a table with an example of a personalized message written across its back.

    The shoot was the first time Black has worked with a CGI agency. Black shot a model M&M on the table to get the lighting and perspective right. The M&M that appears in the ad was added later using CGI. Instead of creating a humorous setting around the M&M, the ad allows the M&M to bring the humor on its own. The romantic and intimate setting for the shoot was an affluent home in suburban New Jersey.

    Client: M&Ms
    Agency: BBDO
    Photography: Kareem Black
    Art Buyer: Kathy Lando
    Art Buyer: Betsey Jablow

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