• 7.18.14

    Justin Hollar and b.tempt'd Empower Women With Lingerie

    Shooting women in lingerie can be tricky. Lingerie is made to make women feel and look sexy. But, there’s a fine line between being feeling sexy and feeling objectified. One is empowering, the other is defeating. When Justin Hollar shoots for b.tempt’d, he’s only interested in empowering women. It’s easy to shoot a model like an object, an artifice to be moved and shaped into the desired look, but Justin takes a gentler approach. “I have a pretty calm personality naturally, which I think helps on shoots like this,” he says about his own shooting style. “I tell the girls to move in a way that they feel sexy.” 

    It certainly helps that he works with models who are professionals and know how to take responsibility for their own image. “These girls know their bodies and know how they look good. I don't ask them to put themselves in any positions that don't make them feel beautiful.”

    For the Fall/ Winter 2014 Collection, b.tempt’d and Justin opted to shoot in a stripped down loft space. The rough and grated surrounding hums a natural elegance that is reflected in the poses and styling that Mayra Suarez, the model, takes. The rough bare beauty of the space contrasts the soft curved lines of her body, making for a confident look that could appeal to just about everyone. 

    b.tempt’d sells through retailers like Macy’s and Zappos, so they have a huge reach and wide market. Part of the consideration that b.tempt’d must take when shaping a season is to maintain their appeal across those markets. At the same time, Justin and b.tempt’d work closely together to portray what makes their models and subjects uniquely striking. Providing that kind of personal, confident energy on set means their images stand out from less established brands. Justin says, “We just add a bit of edge.”


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