• 10.18.13

    Jonas Brothers and More by Sylvester Castellano

    FAULT magazine enlisted Sylvester Castellano to groom the Jonas Brothers for its fall cover story.

    "The shoot entailed changing Joe, Kevin, and Nick's image; the photographer told me to 'think London,' and create a, dark moody look," remarked Castellano. "On this particular shoot I had to approach the Jonas Brothers in a smooth way, since their mien was going to be drastically changed; they're young men from New Jersey. I used a bit of psychology, taking into consideration their persona – one they've kept for many years." Because they are of Italian-Irish descent, "their hair is dark, but their skin is light, so by giving each musician a trim, it made a great, natural contrast. I put a bit of gray eyeshadow on each and the look was completed."

    Castellano was also on set with Bill Hader for Wired's spread "The Cheat Code to Life." He paid close attention to the different characters played by the actor, adding redness around his eyes to give the illusion of distress in a frame where Hader shoplifts from a bodega. For Hader's portrayal of a businessman carrying a briefcase stuffed with (presumably stolen) money, "I made his face matte with oil-free products that neutralize the skin's pH, so he would appear normal, even confident," he explained.

    The groomer recently tended to Milwaukee Bucks center/power forward Larry Sanders as well. He didn't do much to the basketballer for Athletes Quarterly – to his surprise. "I Google-Imaged him beforehand and when I met him in person, I realized that the pictures I saw online didn't do him any justice," Castellano said. "He has great skin and is very put together, so I powdered his face a bit, but that's all." He added that men these days are more accepting when it comes to wearing cosmetics: "These people are being photographed and if they don't have the proper makeup, they can show up on film looking quite different than they are."

    Photographer for FAULT: Udo Spreitzenbarth 
    Photographer for Wired: Art Streiber
    Photographer for Athletes Quarterly: Ahmed Klink

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