• 6.30.15

    It's Wild On Set with Mark Hunter and UE Boom

    Mark Hunter’s work is filled with a signature energy. He honed that look when he was photographing nightclubs, and has carried it into his commercial work, creating space for those energies to converge when paired up with the right brands. UE Boom, a portable speaker company, is one of those brands that he’s found synergy with. “I’ve worked with UE Boom now for a few years on different projects, and there’s something about their product that just creates an insane energy,” he says. “What’s so great about working for them is they want to show the versatility of the speaker and all the fun things you can do with it. So we always try to push it to the limit." And for their latest campaign, they did push it to the limit.

    Mark and his crew traveled to Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles with their talent to throw a massive party and shoot the campaign as the celebration went on. “We had a slip-n-slide, we had water balloons, squirt gun fights, we did a little barbeque,” says Mark. “When I do these kinds of lifestyle shoots, I really want to set up an environment where my models are going to actually enjoy themselves.” Basically, Mark lets his on camera talent jump into the party and then he grabs his camera and captures as many authentic moments as he can. It’s the only way to ensure that every moment will reflect honest moments and energy.

    With that many people running around, water flying every which way, and the music dialed up to 100, it can be challenging to coordinate everything. But for Mark, that’s a part of what makes it so great. “It’s a delicate balance when you’re directing the talent to act natural and look out for the product. It’s a very overwhelming set but it’s sort of how I thrive,” he explains. At the end of the day, it all works with Mark’s style to create the best campaign possible. “It’s not posed; the images are reacting to the elements and what’s happening. It is one of the best translations of my photography style into a commercial situation.”

    For a portable, waterproof speaker the energy that Mark Hunter brings to all his shoots was exactly what they needed.

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