• 8.2.11

    Ilovedust and Sarah J.Coleman for HP

    Ilovedust and Sarah J. Coleman create original illustrations for HP's new TouchPad campaign. The WebOs-based tablet makes multi-tasking easier for users and also allows them to download movies and tv shows, browse the web, and play games.

    Ilovedust and Coleman were asked to make background icons from a choice of characters. Ilovedust chose the rocker and the teen characters. The icons demonstrate some of the TouchPad components like HP Synergy, Beats Audio and Adobe Flash. Using ink pen nib and ink, Coleman drew icons to represent the busy mom character and demonstrate how the tablet helps to manage a busy family schedule.

    See more of Ilovedust's work here.

    See more of Sarah J. Coleman's work here.

    Client: HP
    Agency: Liquid
    Creative Director: Diane Stember Richards
    Talent: Ilovedust, Sarah J. Coleman

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