• 5.24.16

    ilovedust and Gatorade Send Peyton Manning Off in Style

    In football there are players and there are titans. Most players come on the field, play their careers, scoring wins and losses against their personal records, and then retire quietly. But there are a handful that leave a lasting impression, sometimes for decades, and attract fans the world over. Peyton Manning is one of those players. Manning spent nearly two decades on the field as one of the most famous quarterbacks in the world, but his retirement last year from the Denver Broncos was a heart rending event for fans who had followed him all that time. Gatorade wanted to celebrate his retirement by engaging his fans and their memories and asked ilovedust to help them do it. “We wanted to make this as much for the fans as for Peyton himself,” says Johnny Winslade of ilovedust. “We are able to view it as artists but more importantly as sports fans ourselves. We know only too well the passion that comes with those legends representing and pushing their teams to success. Peyton embodies all that and more.”

    Peyton isn’t much of a digital or social media guy so when Gatorade created a social media campaign for the fans to thank Peyton for his career they knew he wouldn’t see it. So they had to speak Peyton’s language. That’s why TBWA\Chiat\Day asked ilovedust to take the messages tweeted by his fans and create a huge mural that included words from peers, and imagery than spanned his career. “With a project of this size there are lots of challenges along the way with many moving parts, and factors to consider not just creating the art,” says Johnny. “But in truth it ran very smoothly. We created the mural in a studio space in Chicago, which had to be dismantled and reassembled at the draft village. That was probably the biggest challenge. But with lots of careful planning and a wonderful extended team it couldn’t have run better.” After the mural was revealed they invited further public collaboration as fans brought every more thanks and memories, writing them directly on the mural itself. 

    Players like Peyton Manning are only a few every generation, and these kinds of projects are equally rare. “We are honored to be part of such a wonderful project representing a monumental figure,” says Johnny. “It's not often you get chance to work with someone of Peyton’s stature, and a chance to do so in such a creative, hands-on expressive manner made it even sweeter for us.” Peyton’s retirement is a moment that millions of fans will remember for the rest of their lives and to be able to encapsulate that in literal relief is an incredible moment that will live on.

    Here you’ll find a video that follows ilovedust’s process and how it ties into Peyton’s retirement.

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